Adamantra Pori 25.7.2009

"And so it was written, that like a howling wind a four-legged beast would carry in a horde, a horde consisting of all the three necessities for the survival of Mankind; firstly, demanding amazon-like female attitude, secondly, crude chest hair power, and lastly the most important essence of all; calculating, evaluating, perfectly sonic beauty with an eerie combination of both calmness and immense rage"...

And so it had to be done, as they shed tears and blood while loading the instruments of salvation in the beast`s belly from Grendel`s training place. Well, the guys were already done with this task once I finally got my lazy ass to show up (I really tried man), so all there was to do was to wait for couple more travellers to join the ride. Like eagles we soared in the urban region of Lunar Path, and after having the satellites themselves laughing at us for the chosen routes we succesfully ended up having LP`s gear also in. The last mission before the happyjoyjoyride was to get the A-team`s stuff in as well, and against all odds we were able to scrub the Adamantra`s brain tissue so the task was simple.
This time we chose to use the left hand path, so "kiipparisti" was to be violently pushed deeply between the other cargo. No, we are not one of those who play with death by treating a synth player badly (they are hmm, quite useful natural resource), we just haven`t baptized it/her/him yet, we even dunno the gender, but maybe it`s a she because you have to push quite a many button before the action begins!

Conquering the gas-station, using the mystic West-Indian "Drown their sewers"-tactics...

After couple stops at the gas stations and couple more stops to "deal with the leak", we entered Pori. The expectations were pretty high this time, since it was to be taken seriously that the metalheads from the ongoing Sonisphere-festival would hopefully stay eager to have some more treat for ear after the festival would close, and therefore would crawl like massed legions of chaos right down to Monttu to have some good time with us. Well, you are allowed to try to hope, boy! Assumably the Astral Peace itself got broken when A-team was finishing the meal at a local restaurant, ´cause while having our dessert cigarrettes, of all the first four pedestrians walking us by, ALL four of them had some small shit to deal with us. And with that I mean individuals, walking alone without knowing each other. The cream atop was the fifth guy we encountered while crossing the road just a minute later. Like if the darkest clouds begun to spread over the tiny A-boys...

So back to stage, everything was made ready so when the red light was lit, it was time to rumble the prog notes for the audience which was bigger than last time, but still surprisingly many of the thousands who were witnessing the festivities outdoors had skipped this show. A mystery which all the wise ones will be analyzing for the times to come..

The audience moved aside with a mystic Asian "Floating Elbow"-tactics..

The gig went pretty fine, having the same set list as before with an exception of having The Oracle as a bonus track for the warmed-up people. The aforementioned "Kiipparisti" was set free at this moment, and this last song was played without a click. Man did it feel good, because the click always adds that small "disturbance" by blocking some of the natural sound of the band from my hearing. Not that it`s a problem, it was just cool to play the song without any rhytmic guide, it would be cool to have absolute time keeping ability! That would also enable us to have all the backing tracks without that hammering beat in my head...:) But unfortunately that`s practically impossible.Meaning it is achievable!!:) Gotta start working on it...

Okay, while the other bands were rocking, I was part-time handling the merch-sales so can`t tell much about the acts. All I can say is that both of them deserved our noble company while sharing the same bus, and vice versa! Once again some interesting people met..well the one I remember (before having those sweet16-type double limonade-breezers, burp) was a middle-aged man who came close inspecting the albums etc. but eventually turned out having NO RADIO, NO TV, NO LP, NOT EVEN THE ANCIENT WHAT ARE THEY, CLAY DISCS!? How are you supposed to sell this guy ANY items we had on sale? Well we had some t-shirts (yes, he had at least clothes on him), but even after my extremely cunning sales tactics no deal was made. We went to the lowest possible level; we even tried to make him feel embarassed for not buying anything for his children ;). After we all together (him as well) realised he didn`t even remember his children or grandchildren, he did his final rejection towards our products, saying he won`t buy or support ANY of our "propaganda-stuff"!? Ok, thank you and we bid you farewell, friend :)) Maybe the reason for all that was, that as he already was heading for the toilet next to us, the urea-level must have been near his mouth or something hehee..

Trying that mystic Rastafaris`s "two breezers for one sold record"-tactics...

Once all the stuff was back in the bus (imagine twenty or so people working like drunken ants in a narrow street, luckily nothing was lost in the dark intoxicated situation) and the guys with worst condition rolled in, they road to there and back again started. Stop by stop we made our way back home. Man it is beautiful to stand at the edge of finnish forest watching the sun rise, while making some more room for the generous offers of Jallu and beer! Super!

"Tää on siististi cool!"

After the load-outs of the bands`s gear was complete, the clock was ticking at some 7 am, so maybe it finally was time to hit the sack, right? Eeeeeasy Livin`, Eeeeeasy Livin`...;)

Enuff said, folks!
c u @ t front, pizz and luv,