Adamantra Jyväskylä 27.11.2009

Alright, here we go again, dear dread Rudolf the Rednose reader-reindeers! (!?)

I just heard a mystic semi-evil whisper in the wind, telling me that Santa Claus is gonna kick my arse really hard if this blog is to be delayed any further. You-simply-do-not-wanna-mess-with-the-Santa... since almost all the incoming presents are welcomed for a poor musician! You know,

you can always try to sell that crap and use the money for some really needed music-related stuff. Exluded are the annual pile of wool sucks from your dear mommy or grandma which you will NEVER get rid off. Like skeletons in a closet, they tend to haunt you forever on, filling your shelves forever more...:)

The task to enlighten you of the rocking events from Jyväskylä, and especially Kokkola, is simply a task of utmost impossibility. In addition to all the basic drunken intellectual conversations, the amount of scenarios I studied and shared with Panu the Lore-meister (to almost everyone) is so...confusing, that even I stumble while trying to jump out of the imagined pile of overrun theories which have this far been brought over the ignorant humankind. The amazing artefacts and long lost evidences were to be seen only for those who were -ready- to see the truth....

But for now, lets have a peak of the Jyväskylä section, this time we have some pictures at hand, be welcomed;

At Lutakko the stage was known to offer plenty of room, but once we entered the place with our gear the reality turned out to be something different. The main act was having a considerable amount of different kinds of electrical devices, so we poor bastards were left to gnaw the dry bone, resulting me having the drum set next to the other guys, and the other guys themselves tried to make the best out of their own square meters. Actually this was an interesting way of having the band filling the stage, it would be fun to use the same method in the future! It gave a whole new perspective as I now could really see what`s happening there.

The start of a bass solo..? Or a fanfar(t) with a leather trombone?

The audience digitally moved behind the riot fence.
They multipied, and got nearer the stage!!!?

Once again, the songs were played from beginning to the end. How it went? Well nobody knows, nor cares...okay it went fine, and the Trophy for the Legendary Achievement of Getting Applauds @ Lutakko resulted in;

The mystical windshield cleaning potion.

First time this motley crue was given the luxury of getting their hairy asses steamed in the sauna, right after the gig. The only bad thing with it was, that because of the loss of fluids some mysterious survival instincts forced us to somehow gain the lost ones back... results are to be seen in the next few fotos;

They really had some hmm...nice `n fresh pale ale beers to serve us...

Okay, here we go (again)

The black entanglement of evil (note the demonical virgin blood drinks)

We managed to get a hold of some nice single malt Laphroaig, and made a good use of the liquid, reportedly few was poured down the hatch. Had some funny moments as the bartenders refused to offer no more than one ration per customer at a time. I couldn`t even order two Coronas at the same time `cause the other guys were somewhere else at the moment! All this was because of the regulations coming from the nasty ivory tower, namely from some strict lady in the local government who were responsible of the serving laws. Well the main thing was that we were eventually sold enough drinks, so no one had to die for sadness. Actually we came here to saw the Raskasta Joulua-tour there, and shortly met Vili later after the show.

The axiomatic supermodels of Gillette mach 313

Heavy oder MITÄHÄHH??!!

Note the Jyväskylä-ghost floating between us and the camera. Perhaps some curse is upon us, dunno.

As we had our accommodation in Lutakko, it was to be our last checkpoint before f-f-f-falling to count the sheeps. The next day started with a breakfast, blowing in the alcoholometer, waiting, waiting, blowing. Once the level had decreased low enough, cohort Adamantra was ready to move to our next battlefield, Kokkola.

Kokkola coming right up, folks!

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