Adamantra Seinäjoki-Kuopio 20-21.11.2009

Long time no read folks!
I guess it`s about time to share some recent Adamantra-accident-stuff with you, highly noted supporters of praggressive sinfonic powder metal! Some previous gigs have been left out of the story-shit, naturally all odd things have happened, do not worry, but the electrical pencil just has been too rusty..sorry for that.
The rumour about me having a good, but short memory is hereby wiped out (again!) eventhough the remnants of steamy hangover-breaths still float strong in my memory cells, forever trying to block the events from recalling! Okay, let`s grab it out, follow me through the mist, it won`t hurt, aren`t we having the butter after all...:)

So, onward to Seinäjoki and Rokkikellari we went, young men bolstering with pure conqueror-power.
That long trip there didn`t bother that much since those two previously cancelled gigs (Helsinki & Tammisaari) made us want to get everything out of these four coming ones!
At Seinäjoki we were to play a full set, having all the songs wich we had practised with our new Keyboarder on the Deck, mr. Jukka Karinen (Thunderstone, Status Minor). Jukka had quite a many notes to play with only a few practises, but he managed to put it up pretty nicely! It`s also good to have new guys next to you, it kinda makes you feel you actually knew what you are doing with your own instrument eh..? No, that doesn`t help, you still eventually end up realising you suck..big time :))

Well the gig went fine and the crowds liked it, so we decided we had earned some beverages provived by the generous bartender, having couple guys from Celesty with us. What else you would have in Seinäjoki than Tequila? I guess it was high time to get that salt balance back, since the stage was again warm and so on..that`s what the Tequila is made for, right? Those decent rations being supplemented by the beers from backstage helped make the decision that more was needed. The "fair" angel landed to help the thirsty prog-warriors as Celesty`s singer, mr. Railio promised with his duo-mate to lead us deeper to the alcohol-fumed center of the city. As the other guys of A-team were going to hit the sack, me and Karinen were the ones to attend the invasion.

After couple whisky-experiments (that canadian one sucked) and some choir practises inside it was time to kick ourselves out of the bar. Well you can`t stop the singing if no one asks you to! So, in order to honour the true Kings of metal, at a crossroads we four greeted this godforsaken town with the only song proper for this occation; Heart of Steel! Though no one asked for a encore, we did it anyway. "Born with a..". Damn loud bastards those two acoustic duo hippies! Well Karinen sang his ass off as well, so once we eventually found back to our hotel the sleep was not far away. Sorry for the lack of pictures of this city, but maybe it`s for the best of us all...?

@KUOPIO with Leverage
After having a great breakfast at our hotel, it was time to drive those "couple kilometers" to Kuopio, the capital of Savo. In these trips one really gets to know how big this country really is, at least for what comes to the distances between bigger cities. And we weren`t even at half point of the land... Like roasted kalakukko we flew with our trusted automobil to Kuopio, and managed to find this Henry`s Pub where we would play as supporters for the great Leverage. Souncheck foreboded a rocking event tonight, the string-rippers and Tumppi at front were satisfied with their stage sound. And so it went, the feeling was overall great, had a great time on stage! Well, maybe the peak was reached at the beginning of "In Triumph" where there was "some" problems to get the pack together (if you happen to have this caught on tape, SHARE IT, anywhere), it was maybe the most hilarious moment for the band this far.. Yes, we play ALL our gigs sober, but sometimes even that is not enough;) The cream atop was me having the stick falling, the expression on Hofu`s face was unforgettable! From that on the gig went on with a style best described; Hilarious Rage.

Once the outro started running, the fast movement towards the beer was a the first priority, getting our gear out the stage came only second. Since I got to use almost completely Leverage`s drummer`s gear, a minimum amount of time was needed to prepare the drum area for the next skin beater, so they got to start their show quite fast. From that on beer flew, everyone got drunk, i wandered alone to get one of the best burgers ever from the main square, tried to get in the hotel with a wrong code, was let in and ended up sleeping tight. A teddy bear was replaced by half dozen beer bottles, once again a leather jacket proves it`s advantages jeah! Damn, the picture is lost. Later, a rumour was heard that mr. Karinen had somehow "stumbled" quite succesfully at that same hotel`s stairs an hour the walls have eyes or ears, we never know...;)

In the morning, I was quite pissed since my stamina had failed me by letting the "unihiekka" to fill my innocent eyes, thus I missed all the juicy stuff in which the other guys seemed to get themselves into. I swore to the Heavens, that this was not to happen again, at least in the near future. The breakfast was excellect this time also, and the conversation was something one should never miss..the amount of intelligence in the words was simply overwhelming. Don`t know if Tumppi and Heidi (the drivers) really took my advice of eating blueberries since it helps the eyes, and enhances your sight ability. Tumppi tried to outwit me by saying it would have simply no effect on such sort time. Well, I still believe they ran to eat as much blueberries as possible in order to get the best possible sight ability for the coming. long driving! Me, the omnipotent besserwisser!

Well, an ancient heritage has it, that if you dare to leave Kuopio without having a Kalakukko with you, a terrible curse will be brought upon you. This curse is said to cause almost countless technical problems especially if this ignorant fool happens to be a metal band. So, why would we want any more problems for as than we already have? Actually, one would hope, that by buying EXTRA Kalakukkos one could decrease the amount of problems to be had in the future. That would be something eh? Nevertheless, a Kalakukko we had to have, so just before exiting this city we tried to find one. It was Sunday so there was not to be found any, at least in the near vicinity. There we froze at the main square, but then decided to leave empty handed. Come curse, fly to me...

No photos here either, lucky for you. Only hairy, beer-swollen faces to offer. Over and out.

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